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In the morning, I quickly put on my new Citybike shirt and off I go to yoga! One of the numerous Yoga-Drop-in-Classes at the FREIRAUM-Institut invites to gentle movement.

Welcome to "A day with the Citybike Uphill Team"!

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12. September 2019

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15. September 2017

Citybike Uphill Team

Cycling uphill is rewarded!

Collect heights and get great prizes.


Join the Citybike Uphill Team:

Log in with your Citybike user data and sign up for the Citybike Uphill Team. Choose a nickname and a challenge which suits you. There are constantly changing prizes (e.g. entrance tickets, bicycle accessories, books, ...) for various challenges.

How do you collect meters uphill?

Rent a bike at any Citybike station and return it to a higher-lying Citybike station! Here you can find an overview of height-differences between Citybike stations. Please note: if you are cycling from a higher station to a lower station, these altitudes will be deducted in your challenge. 

Detailed information about the Citybike Uphill team can be found here

31. January 2019

Jahresbilanz 2018

Wir haben 2018 erneut mehr als 1 Million Fahrten erreicht - bereits das 4. Mal in Folge!

Damit haben viele Wienerinnen und Wiener nicht nur eine umweltfreundliche Art der Mobilität gewählt, sondern auch ihrer Gesundheit etwas Gutes getan. Aktuelle Studien zeigen, dass schon 2 Mal täglich 10 Minuten Radfahren das Risiko für koronare Herzerkrankungen um 25% senkt.
Dies deckt sich sehr gut mit der häufigsten Fahrtdauer bei Citybike Wien von 9 Minuten.

Darüber hinaus haben sich etliche Citybikerinnen und Citybiker am Citybike Uphill Team beteiligt. So konnten wir 2018 über 1.000 Preise – vom Citybike Wien Fahrtguthaben bis zum € 1.000,- Fahrrad für Zuhause – ausspielen.

Citybike Wien auf den Alltagswegen einzusetzen lohnt sich also in vielerlei Hinsicht!

21. February 2018

15 years Citybike Wien

Fifteen years ago, the first Citybike station was put into operation in Vienna. Today, around 1500 of the popular free bicycles are available to the people of Vienna at 121 stations, 12 months a year, unrestrictedly.

Since then, Citybike Wien has made a significant contribution to the establishment of the bicycle as an environmentally friendly and free means of transport in the federal capital. This success can be seen above all in the annual increase in user numbers and kilometers driven.

There are several opportunities for the Citybike community to celebrate this years anniversary with Citybike Wien! The first chance is in mid-April at our booth at the Bikefestival.

The entire press release can be read here (sorry, german only)

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Ende Mai ist unser Jubiläumsgewinnspiel 15 Jahre Citybike Wien zu Ende gegangen. Wir bedanken uns bei 255 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern, die die beeindruckende Zahl von 3.286 Losen erradelt haben.

Die drei glücklichen Gewinner durften sich über ein Gazelle Ultimate S8, ein nachhaltiges Wochenende für zwei Personen in einem „samo-Betrieb“ von Alpine Pearls sowie ein Citybike Package bestehend aus Rucksack, Citybike-Shirt und Sonnenschild freuen.

Bei der Citybike Station Stadtpark-Stubenring fanden sich für das Siegerfoto zusammen: (vlnr.) Gewista CEO Franz Solta, Benedikt Wanke (2. Preis), Julia Trojan (1. Preis), Gewista Head of Citybike Hans-Erich Dechant, Brigitte Rafael (3. Preis) und Mikko Stout von Stadtradler, der den Hauptpreis, das Gazelle Ultimate S8 zur Verfügung stellte.

Zur vollständigen Presseaussendung bitte hier entlang. 

Bei super Frühlingswetter und teilweise strahlendem Sonnenschein konnten wir viele Fragen beantworten, Tipps geben und auch den einen oder anderen Uphill Team Preis ausgeben.

Anbei ein paar Eindrücke vom ARGUS Bike Festival 2018!

23. August 2017

Mobilitätswoche 2017

Im Rahmen der Europäischen Mobilitätswoche gab es uns wieder zum Angreifen:

Es gab die Möglichkeit, uns an unserem Infostand an der Citybike Station Sigmund Freud Park zu besuchen und Unterstützung bei der Anmeldung und Antworten auf drängende Fragen zu holen.

Samstag, 16.9. bis Freitag, 22.9., jeweils 15:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr

Auch am Streetlife Festival waren wir umtriebig und haben den Slowbike Contest mit Rädern und Preisen unterstützt! In der Galerie sind ein par Eindrücke. 


The established navigation of the Bike Citizens App has been extended by a bike sharing function and offers now for the first time a complete navigation with Citybike Wien and other bike sharing systems!

Besides the information of currently available bikes, the app can now also tell and display the footpath to the next Citybike station as well as the entire further navigation to the desired destination.

As you can see in the picture you can plan your route also via the online route planner.  

On the first weekend of April, the ARGUS Bike Festival 2017 took place in bright spring weather!

We would like to thank every person dropped by with praise, criticism, questions regarding the registration or questions about the personal Citybike account. 

Another highlight is always the participation in the cycling parade "rad paRADe", which we shaped this time by supporting "Frauen in Fahrt".

In collaboration with yourscreen and gabarage upcycling design, a wonderful design lamp was created, which was raffled on Sunday after the cycling parade. Mario S. was visibly pleased, and the design piece already illuminates a place of honor!

Since the beginning of September the capacity of the next Citybike Wien station is displayed in INFOSCREENs in busses and tramways in the inner urban area.

For this, the passenger TV broadcaster has developed a software that accesses the Citybike Wien server, queries the number of bicycles in the station and displays this information in real-time in tramways and busses. The service has been in trial since August and is in use area-wide since September 7th.

"The combination of different means of transport is becoming more popular," says Eduard Winter, Managing Director of Wiener Linien. "Citybike Wien stations could already be displayed in our mobile-app 'qando'. With the display in busses and trams we can offer our passengers an important added value." INFOSCREEN-director Franz Solta is convinced that providing this information has an important side effect: "now we inform nearly 500 million passengers in buses and trams per year, that there is an individual public transport, which is cheap, environmentally friendly and healthy."

The full press release can be read here (sorry, German only). 

21. February 2017

2016 Year in Review

We proudly present the report of the most successful year in the history of Citybike Wien. All previous years were surpassed and in each area the bar has been raised once again!

In recognition of the great support we got, we created a visual overview of the last years records. It especially emphasizes the role played by the newly introduced registration via smartphone!

The CEO of Gewista, Franz Solta, is also delighted with the current figures in the 14th anniversary of Citybike Wien and highlights the successful collaboration with INFOSCREEN, where the users of Public Transport are informed in real time about available bicycles at the next Citybike Wien Station.

The entire press release can be read here (sorry, German only).


We're happy to present an issuing office for our Citybike Tourist Card: dieRadSTATION at the main railway station ("Hauptbahnhof") in Vienna.

The Citybike Tourist Card is intended for tourists who'd like to use Citybike Wien but haven't enough credit cards available to rent bikes.

This card costs € 2.50 per calendar day and can be rented and returned at Viennas main railway station "Hauptbahnhof" at dieRadSTATION. The card lending fee and rental fees of Citybike Wien will be settled at the return of the Citybike Tourist Card.

dieRadSTATION am "Hauptbahnhof" (here to Google Maps location):
Am Hauptbahnhof 1
1100 Wien
Please look up the current Opening hours "Öffnungszeiten" online at:

Please keep in mind, you can rent only one bike per card. 

Uphill cycling got rewarded!

For four weeks we had called on our users to collect as many meters of altitude as possible by cycling from lower to higher stations. These trips have been rewarded with valuable prices - even a mountain bike!

400 participants have been able to reach a height of 50.782 meters in total. In the first week of the contest incredible 8.800 meters have been cycled uphill!

The award ceremony took place at the Wiener Fahrradschau in the venerable Marx-Halle:

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The Citybike website shines in renewed splendor and offers lots of improvements and new possibilities. Among those is the registration for new users, that can now be done comfortably and quickly with any smartphone - simply by clicking on "New registration" in the menu. Our existing users should also profit from this improvement, because it relieves the terminals and thus shortens the potential waiting time to start a rental. The registration via smartphone is only the first improvement in this regard.


Thank you to the numerous visitors of this year's ARGUS Bikefestival at the Rathausplatz!

In sunny - sometimes a bit windy - weather we were able to answer lots of questions, solve problems, replace Citybike Cards and receive suggestions! Thanks to an improved internet connection at our stand we were able to keep the help going even during the biggest rushes.

The presentation of our new website on the specially built giant smartphone also attracted a lot of visitors. We are grateful for the numerous visits and are already looking forward to the next chance of meeting our users in person on April 1st and 2nd of 2017!

24. February 2016

2015 Year in Review

121 stations with 3097 bikeboxes, docking 1500 bikes: these are the main elements of success for 2015, a year ending with another increase for the free bike-share system. Hitting the million-rides mark and exceeding 100,000 new registrations confirms the ongoing high popularity of Citybike Wien.

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02. March 2015

120 stations operating!

120 Stationen

120 stations in operation, 1500 bikes available the whole year in the streets, this completes temporarily the expansion agreed with the City of Vienna!

You can find an interactive map of all 120 stations directly at each terminal via the button "bike stations". You can also access and via web-enabled mobile phone or smartphone.

Of course, our stations - and much more information - are still available here on our website.

S45 Hernals

Even during the sommer we are not inactive, we opened the 121st Citybike Wien station: Station 1706 Hernals S45 is now operational!

The station is built on the forecourt of the train station Hernals, in front of Heigerleinstraße 84-86, offering 30 bikeboxes at the 7th station of the 17th district.

Video in Wien produced a great video report (in German) about the work carried out by our service technicians on the streets. "Citybike has been established twelve years ago in Vienna. Bikes get regularly checked in order to ensure the fleet is plain sailing."

For whom always wanted to look over our technicians's shoulders, here's the opportunity.