Partial closure of stations

We have to announce today, starting Monday 13 July 2020, a total of 61 stations of Citybike Wien, which is about half of all stations, will be closed down. This means from this time on you will no longer be able to rent bikes from these stations and subsequently return them. You can check which stations will be operating as usual at any given time on, and in our WebApp under the menu item Station Map.

You have to know, the operation of Citybike Wien has always been a business branch with subsidy requirements for Gewista and we have been negotiating with the responsible authorities in the City of Vienna for years to get a considerable annual deficit reimbursed.

Now, that all negotiations about the assumption of costs by the city have failed and the economic consequences of the Corona shut down have also strongly affected our company, we see no other possibility than to take all stations financed by Gewista out of the network. 

Affected by this shutdown are those 61 stations which were financed and built by Gewista in the first phase of the roll-out of the Citybike system since 2003, mainly within the Gürtel. The stations which were financed and built by the City of Vienna in the second expansion phase starting 2010 mainly in the outskirts, will remain in operation as usual.

We hope, despite these restricitions, you will continue to enjoy healthy and environmentally friendly cycling in our beautiful city.

Citybike Wien Team