Citybike Tourist Card issuing office

We're happy to present againt an issuing office for our Citybike Tourist Card: die RadSTATION at the main railway station ("Hauptbahnhof") in Vienna.

The Citybike Tourist Card is intended for tourists who'd like to use Citybike Wien but haven't enough credit cards available to rent bikes.

This card costs € 3.00 per calendar day and can be rented and returned at Viennas main railway station "Hauptbahnhof" at die RadSTATION. The card lending fee and rental fees of Citybike Wien will be settled at the return of the Citybike Tourist Card.

die RadSTATION am "Hauptbahnhof" (here to Google Maps location):
Am Hauptbahnhof 1
1100 Wien

The Opening hours "Öffnungszeiten" can be found at

Please keep in mind, you can rent only one bike per card.