10 million rides with Citybike Wien

With the 10 millionth ride, a new milestone in the success story of Citybike Wien was reached on 22 October 2019!

In the course of these 10 million rides, over 33 million kilometers were covered on Citybike Wien's city bikes. Compared to the usual means of transport used in Vienna ("modal split"), this results in a saving of about 1,950 tons of CO2 (modal split, CO2 emissions - sorry, German only).

In addition, city bikers are also much healthier on the road due to the increased exercise in the fresh air. According to the WHO, cycling for 10 minutes twice a day reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 25%. The most frequent rental time at Citybike Wien is 9 minutes. With 2 Citybike rides per day (e.g. to and from work), this recommendation can be optimally integrated into everyday routes.

The successful model Citybike Wien started in May 2003 in Vienna. Since then it has been continuously developed and exported all over the world. In 57 cities in 13 countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, systems such as Citybike Wien are already in place and used by millions of people. More details unter: cyclocity.com