A summer day with Citybike Wien

In the morning, I quickly put on my new Citybike shirt and off I go to yoga! One of the numerous Yoga-Drop-in-Classes at the FREIRAUM-Institut invites to gentle movement.

Welcome to "A day with the Citybike Uphill Team"!

As it's getting hot today, I enjoy an ice cream at Leones in the 1st district immediately afterwards. The flavours I choose today are gianduja (chocolate spread with hazelnut paste from Turin) and lemon - or should I not reveal this, so they are not eaten up so fast?

Now I want to refresh myself in the cool water. The pool clothes are safely stowed on the bike with a nu-cycl SpannGu(r)t. As soon as I have made the decision in which of the urban summer baths I want to make myself comfortable, off I go! The Gänsehäufelbad would be a good choice, as I still have a voucher for the Climbing Garden. For today I ditch this idea and cycle west. Uphill as I am already used to, the destination is the Schafbergbad. I want to use my € 5, - coupon for the summer baths of the city of Vienna for the first time!

After the treat of sun & water I quickly deposit the pool clothes at home and onward I go, taking the public transport to the WUK where there is a concert on my schedule tonight. I am looking forward to nice company and an equally nice evening! Should we enjoy a glass or two, we will be taken home safely by Taxi 40100.

How did I get all these things? I biked them in the Citybike Uphill Team! A list of the challenges that can be accepted can be found here, general information about the Citybike Uphill Team can be found on this page.

Have a good ride with Citybike Wien ... maybe we'll see each other on the bike!