Win concert tickets for Depedro!

At the end of February Depedro will perform at WUK - from now on you can collect altitude meters for the raffle of 3x2 tickets in the Citybike Uphill Team!

Jairo Zavala plays guitar with Calexico and ist currently touring around the globe with his own band Depedro. Depedro combines Latin America and Mexican Music and spices it up with some reggae, blues and salsa. The current album "El Pasajero" is about a passanger who observes, enjoys hins lourney, learns from ist and lives it. Flowing melodies, surprising and emotional guitar riffs in a pleasantly swining tempo make sure that the songs don't get our of your head anymore.  

You don't want to miss this concert?
Accept this challenge and cycle uphill. For every 100 meters of altitude you cycle between Citybike stations, you will receive a lottery ticket and increase your chances of winning 3x2 tickets!