Review of the Citybike Uphill Challenge

Uphill cycling got rewarded!

For four weeks we had called on our users to collect as many meters of altitude as possible by cycling from lower to higher stations. These trips have been rewarded with valuable prices - even a mountain bike!

400 participants have been able to reach a height of 50.782 meters in total. In the first week of the contest incredible 8.800 meters have been cycled uphill!

The award ceremony took place at the Wiener Fahrradschau in the venerable Marx-Halle:

Our winner, Udo Schimanofsky, was excited about his prize, a Cube Acid mountain bike (worth € 1,000.00).
We wish him a lot of good trips and will miss his uphill-commitment!


At the awards show, Hans-Erich Dechant, head of Citybike Wien, was enthusiastic about the total number of metres of altitude, as "... this is not only a great achievement, but it also saved 125 trips with our transport vehicles." and thus less car traffic on Vienna's roads.

You can find the complete press release here (sorry, German only).

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