After you completed the registration and paid the registration fee you can rent a Citybike at any station. Available around the clock, the whole year!

Citybike Wien: Entlehnung Schritt 1

1. Insert your card into the card reader

Go to the terminal of your choice. Insert your (Austrian) Maestro card, credit card (Visa, MasterCard or JCB credit card) or Citybike Card in the card reader, which is located directly below the screen. The system is checking your user data and initiating the subsequent step. Remove your card from the card reader.

Citybike Wien: Entlehnung Schritt 2

2. Select an available bike

The screen displays the available bikes. Select a bikebox number to choose the docked bike. This choice gets confirmed once you enter your password. Then you can go to the bikebox of your choice.

Citybike Wien: Entlehnung Schritt 3

3. Release your city bike

Push the green illuminated knob at the citybike of your choice to release your bike. As soon as the green light starts blinking you can easily pull your bike backwards out of the bikebox. Enjoy your trip!