Conditions of participation Citybike Uphill Team

Conditions of participation of the campaign "Citybike Uphill Team"

The conditions of participation contain important information. Taking part in that campaign means accepting those conditions of participation.

1    Campaign
1.1    The conditions of participation listed under the following points apply to the "Citybike Uphill Team" (hereinafter called "campaign"), organized by Citybike Wien and Gewista Werbe GmbH (called together "the organizers").

2    Participant
2.1    Any person over 18 years old and residing in Austria is allowed to participate.
2.2    The organizers reserve the right to request an official photo ID in order to identify the participant during the campaign.
2.3    Employees of Citybike Wien and their relatives are excluded from participating.
2.4    The organizers reserve the right to exclude people from the campaign at any time for objectively justified reasons. In such cases, prizes might be denied or reclaimed if necessary.
2.5    Might be excluded in particular: persons using prohibited means or gaining advantages through manipulation, making false or incomplete allegations about themselves, or otherwise not following the conditions of participation or the general code of conduct.
2.6    The jury's decision is not subject to legal recourse.

3 Participation
3.1    The organizers take no responsibility for damage and injuries a participant may suffer from her participation. The enforcement of claims for damages of any kind is expressly excluded.
3.2    The campaign starts on 08.09.2017 and runs until further notice.
3.3    To participate in the campaign, the participant is required to use a card registered at Citybike Wien, to enter her e-mail address, to log in the website with username & password, and there to register her participation, to choose a publicly displayed nickname and to agree to the present conditions of participation.
3.3.1    The chosen nickname may not be insulting, discriminating, offensive or motivated in political or religious way.
3.4    The overall elevation will be counted adding the height difference between the arrival (return) and the start (hire) station of all rides made during the period of the chosen challenge. The height of the stations is generally determined from Google Maps at the coordinates specified in the Citybike stations map. Deviating from these coordinates, the height of particular stations can be adjusted by the organizers once a day during nighttime. Rides downhill are also counted and deducted.
3.5    Rides made with different cards, especially with different usernames, cannot be counted together.
3.6    Return-and-hire of a bike (with whatever account) is against the rules.

4    Challenges
4.1    Each participant can take part in one challenge of her choice at once.
4.2    Challenge types
4.2.1    Participation in a draw - one lot (= a chance to win) is awarded for a defined number of meters cycled uphill. The number of chances grows with the number of times those meters uphill have been cycled.
4.2.2    Fixed goals - the offered prize is awarded for a defined number of meters cycled uphill.
4.2.3    Contest - all participants cycle against each other on a given criterion (number of uphill hires, total number of uphill meters,...). The prize is awarded to the participant who fulfilled the criterion best. In case of tie, a draw determines the winner.

5    Quitting the campaign
5.1    A participant quitting the campaign loses her altitude meters, her place in the highscores as well as her nickname.
5.2    A new registration is possible, starting from zero and with a nickname to choose.

6    Cancelling a challenge
6.1    A participant cancelling a challenge loses her altitude meters.
6.2    A new activation of the same challenge is possible, starting from zero.

7    General code of conduct
7.1    The participants may not use the campaign to express their political or religious beliefs.
7.2    The campaign happens exclusively at the participant's own risk.
7.3    There is no entitlement to participate.

8 Prizes
8.1    Prizes depend each time on the chosen challenge.
8.2    Should a winner not be contactable or fail to accept her winning within two business days following the notification, or otherwise not be able to accept the winning, the organizers reserve the right to select another winner.
8.3    The winner agrees to make herself available for photos and filming as winner testimonial where requested. Such recordings may be used by the organizers for analogic and digital promotional and press purposes.

9    Data Protection
9.1    The participant commits to give correct information to the organizers. The submission of personal data is mandatory in order to use Citybike Wien. The data collected will not be used for marketing purposes.
9.2    The participant agrees, in case of winning, to see her name published on the organizers' website and newsletter. The organizers are also allowed to publish the chosen nickname as participants lists (highscore,...).
9.3    The participant agrees to see her relevant personal data passed on to third parties (e.g.: postal or parcel service, issuing office, box office,...) in order to deliver won prizes.

10    Change to a challenge
10.1    The organizers reserve the right to change the period of a challenge at anytime without giving any reason.

11    Change to the campaign
11.1    The organizers reserve the right to modify or totally cancel the campaign due to technical or legal circumstances. This right could be enforced particularly if technical reasons (e.g. in case of suspicion that winning chances would be compromised through manipulation or inappropriate of unfair ways) or legal terms could not guarantee a proper implementation of the campaign. The same applies in case of force majeure.

12    Change of the conditions of participation
12.1    The organizers reserve the right to change or extend the conditions of participation at any time. This right could be enforced particularly if technical reasons or legal terms could not guarantee a proper implementation of the campaign.

Gender policy
For better readability, personal pronouns relating to any person are only cited in female form. This is by no means intended as an expression of any gender discrimination or violation of the principle of equality.


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