Current challenges

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  • Win a Foschl! (until 30.09.2021)

    What the heck is a Foschl? ​

    "Foschl" is the abbreviation of "Für's Oascherl" ("for the bottom" in Viennese).

    The Foschl is a hand-felted, stylish, dimensionally stable and temperature-regulating bicycle saddle cover made of 100% pure wool.

    Foschl not only warm the bottom and the root chakra. With their unconventional function and eye-catching design, daily cycling becomes a personal concern.

    You can get a lovingly handmade Foschl at In the Citybike Uphill Team you have the chance to win a Foschl in Citybike design, individually adapted for your saddle!
    To take part in the raffle, simply accept this challenge and collect altitude metres. For every 100 metres of altitude you gain one (more) raffle ticket and increase your chances of winning!

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  • Long Night Of Museums - 350 meters for 1 ticket (until 27.09.2021)

    Cycle uphill until September 27th and get one ticket for the ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen 2021 for 350 meters!


    For the 21st time on October 2nd 2021 numerous museums and cultural institutions in Vienna (and even more in whole Austria) open their doors from 18:00 to 1:00 in the morning and invite to the nightly cultural delight.

    In front of the central "Meeting Point Museum" at the Maria-Theresien-Platz a Citybike Wien Station will be assembled especially for this occasion.

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  • Visit the high ropes course in the Gänsehäufelbad / climbing park on the Donauinsel (500 metres of altitude in 28 days) (until 04.10.2021)

    Can you manage to collect 500 vertical metres in 28 days?  
    For this effort you can choose between an entry to the climbing garden at the Gänsehäufelbad or to the climbing park on the Donauinsel (sorry, website is only available in German)!


    The climbing garden at the Gänsehäufelbad offers fun and adventure for all ages: 79 platforms at heights of up to 8 metres, 10 courses over a length of more than 1500 metres and 26 Flying Fox installations are waiting for you!
    All this can be perfectly combined with a day of swimming in the Gänsehäufel!


    The climbing park on the Donauinsel is located directly at CopaBeach and next to the Kagraner cycle path! Here the New Danube invites you to swim - ideal on hot summer days!

    Safety has always played a major role in a climbing park.
    Both climbing parks are equipped with the latest safety system: complete unhooking by the climber is not possible! Therefore, both climbing parks are also very suitable for children.

    As far as Covid-19 is concerned: The necessary safety distances in the climbing park are already predetermined by the procedure: Only 1 person per element, only 1 person on each platform. More information is available directly on the websites of the climbing garden at the Gänsehäufelbad and climbing park on the Donauinsel.
    With all due caution, nothing should stand in the way of climbing fun!

    To make it easier for you to collect the metres in altitude, we have a helpful map for you here.

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  • Coffee drink of your choice in the 4th district - kaffeefabrik

    The kaffeefabrik (german for "coffee factory") is a coffee bar and coffee roastery in the 4th district of Vienna.

    The beans declared as "direct trade" are purchased directly from the producers under their own responsibility. In the opinion of kaffeefabrik it is this close trading partnership that ensures the paid price fully reaches the producers.

    In the bar, the self-roasted coffee beans are offered for sale, and there is also a varying range of sweet snacks (homemade chocolate muffins or croissants from a local bakery). Also a small selection of teas and juices, as well as hot chocolate is offered.

    With the Citybike Uphill Team you can save yourself a "coffee drink of your choice" at the kaffeefabrik!
    Everything you need to do to enjoy a carefully selected and roasted coffee: accept this challenge and cycle uphill! You'll get a coffe voucher if you collect 120 metres of altitude!

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  • Citybike Sonnenvisier (120 Höhenmeter in 14 Tagen)

    Blendet die Sonne beim Radeln?
    Tropft der Regen auf die Brille?
    Fliegen die Haare im Fahrtwind?

    In jeder Wetterlage hilfreich ist unser Citybike Sonnenvisier!


    Für 120 Höhenmeter kommt diese Hilfe per Post zu Dir!

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  • Buch "WIEN RADELT" (300 Höhenmeter in 14 Tagen)

    Schmäh & Grant, Tradition & Szene:
    20 Radtouren führen Dich in das lebens- und liebenswerteste Wien hinein und drum herum.
    Mit dem Radl die Stadt und ihr Umland erkunden, frische Luft und Lebensfreude tanken und muntere Momente sammeln.

    Oft liegt mindestens eine Citybike Station auf der Route oder ist sogar in der Nähe des Startpunktes zu finden, sodass Du ganz leicht Touren wie "Rotes Wien", "Im Wandel - Bilder sagen mehr als 1000 Worte (Grafittitour)" oder "Wiener Wildnis" auch mit einem Citybike zurücklegen kannst. 


    Nimm diese Herausforderung an, radel in 14 Tagen 300 Höhenmeter bergauf und sichere Dir damit Dein Exemplar des Buches WIEN RADELT - Die City und ihr Umland erfahren, das 20 Entdeckungsfahrten für gemütliche Nachmittage und Tagesausflüge für sportlichere Radler*innen, Tipps für Kombinationen der Touren sowie Alternativen mit den Öffis enthält. Alle Touren sind via QR-Codes auch bequem online abrufbar. 

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  • Wireless Charger (600 Höhenmeter in 14 Tagen)

    Du hast ein Smartes Gerät das Wireless geladen werden kann?

    Dann fordern wir Dich hier heraus:
    sammle 600 Höhenmeter und wir senden Dir einen Wireless Charger (Wireless 5W - Triple Coil Charger, inklusive USB-Anschlusskabel) per Post!

    Nach Annahme der Herausforderung hast Du 14 Tage Zeit dafür.


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  • € 5,- taxi voucher (300 meters uphill in 7 days )

    We have a multimodal offer par excellence: get a € 5,- taxi voucher with uphill rides at Citybike Wien!

    So if you need to, you can use Taxi 40100 to get to your destination in comfort! It goes without saying that the currently valid safety regulations are strictly adhered to in times of "keeping your distance", if not even exceeded by early introduction. The current overview how Taxi 40100 protects the passengers, as well as the drivers, you can find under Schutzmaßnahmen von Taxi 40100 (sorry, german only), because: Safety drives first!

    By the way: If you specify your destination address while booking, you benefit from an attractive fixed price!

    Taxi 40100 is Austria's largest taxi agency.

    Taxi 40100 transports you - and everything that's important to you.
    You're cycling and have been surprised by the rain or a flat tyre? No problem! With Taxi 40100 you can order a large car or van so that you can get home safely with your bike. The best thing about this: Fulfilling these wishes does not cost a Cent more than a conventional taxi ride.
    You can order your desired taxi - from Safe Taxi, Green Taxi, Senior Taxi, Business Taxi to Airport Taxi - as you like: by telephone, internet portal or APP. And whether you want to pay in cash, by ATM or credit card or by APP, you decide!

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  • Entrance to Outdoor Escape in the Gänsehäufelbad (1200 meters uphill in 42 days) (until 01.10.2021)

    Do you manage to climb 1200 meters in altitude within 42 days with the Citybike? 

    For this effort, an entrance for 3 persons (worth € 80,-) in Vienna's first Outdoor-Escape-Room in the Gänsehäufelbad awaits you!

    Venture into the abandoned excavation site, to the tribe of cannibals or solve Last Admittance at Vienna's first outdoor live escape games. Teamwork and the ability to combine are put to the test here, as you have to solve puzzle after puzzle together to find a way to escape the dangers of the jungle (and the Gänsehäufelbad).
    But beware, you only have 60 minutes to escape!



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  • Practice yoga at FREIRAUM-Institut (400 meters uphill in 21 days)

    Hurry through the fast city with Citybike Wien and relax afterwards during a Yoga-Drop-In-Class at FREIRAUM-Institut. No traffic jam will stop you to arrive on time and already warmed up on the yoga mat.

    Accept this challenge and get a yoga token for 400 uphill meters. Each FREIRAUM yoga ticket allows to participate in any Yoga-Drop-In-Class, no matter if it's a gentle hatha yoga, a regular hatha yoga, teenager yoga or even pregnant yoga...

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  • Buch: Cakes & Balls (500 Höhenmeter in 28 Tagen)

    Martin Parr, britischer Fotograf der Agentur Magnum, ist Sammler. „Das Fotografieren, das Sammeln und das aus dem Sammeln hervorgegangene Kuratieren – das sind alles Varianten des Dokumentierens. Oder umgekehrt gesprochen: Wenn ich fotografiere, sammle ich ja auch. Zeigen, was da ist. Aufsammeln, was da ist.“ (Quelle)

    Im September 2015 und im Februar 2016 war Martin Parr mit seiner Kamera in Wien, um die dortigen „Gepflogenheiten“ zu fotografieren. Unter dem Titel Cakes & Balls versammelt Parr seine Bilder der österreichischen Hauptstadt. Er besuchte dafür klassische und durchaus mit Klischees besetzte Wiener Orte wie den Prater, das legendäre Strandbad Gänsehäufel, einen Heurigen, zahlreiche Kaffee- und Gasthäuser, eine Kleingartensiedlung, sieben Wiener Bälle und die Produktionsstätte der Konditorei Aida.

    Wir freuen uns, dass wir ein paar Exemplare dieses Bildbandes Cakes & Balls dem Citybike Uphill Team zur Verfügung stellen können. Schaffst Du es, 500 Höhenmeter in 4 Wochen zu sammeln, kommt ein Exemplar zu Dir.

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  • Citybike t-shirt (500 meters uphill in 28 days)

    Receive a cool Citybike t-shirt with one of the Citybike messages "FUN", "LOVE", "SMART" or "FREE"!

    All you have to do: accept this challenge and cycle uphill 500 vertical meters within 28 days! 

    Our "Stanley Leads" Jersey shirts are GOTS and Fair Wear certified. Medium-Fit with 100% ring-spun, combed organic cotton (155 g / m²), a round neckline and narrow double top-stitch around sleeves and hem guarantee a comfortable wear. The shirts are upgraded with a lettering on the chest - matching our slogans - and a small Citybike logo on the left sleeve.

    You can choose your desired motive and your size!

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  • PopSocket (350 Höhenmeter in 28 Tagen)

    Wer kennt sie nicht: PopSockets - die praktischen Helferlein um dem Smartphone sicheren Stand oder auch Halt mit einer Hand zu ermöglichen.

    Sichere Dir hier jetzt Dein eigenes Exemplar!
    Nimm diese Herausforderung an, radle 350 Höhenmeter bergauf und Du erhältst Dein neues Zubehör per Post!

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  • 4GB USB stick (250 meters uphill in 14 days)

    Can you acheive an altitude gain of 250 meters within 14 days with the Citybike?

    You can get this USB stick:

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  • Werde Wiener Bergkönig/Bergkönigin!

    In dieser Herausforderung hast Du die Möglichkeit, Dir Ruhm und Ehre mit dem Titel "Wiener BergkönigIn" zu verdienen!

    Auf dem Weg dort hin erklimmst Du die Höhenmeter der 5 höchsten Wiener Berge (max. 1 pro Bezirk) und erhältst als Belohnung die Möglichkeit auf exklusive Herausforderungen und Preise speziell für Radbegeisterte!

    Die ersten 10 Teilnehmer/Teilnehmerinnen, die sich den Titel "Wiener BergkönigIn" sichern werden hier angeführt: 

    Spitzname Datum Dauer
    Felix 24. Mai 2019 19 Tage
    Giuseppe 28. Mai 2019 5 Tage
    radbluemchen 28. Mai 2019 22 Tage
    Cityclimber 11. Juli 2019 59 Tage
    jag 8. Oktober 2019 30 Tage
    Hele 24. Oktober 2019 21 Tage
    3Rad 10. November 2020 10 Tage
    RAD 13. Dezember 2020 50 Tage
    MountEverest 8. Jänner 2021 3 Tage
    AnD 4. März 2021 22 Tage

    Zum Aufwärmen lautet die Herausforderung: radel 157 Meter vom Meeresniveau zur Schwedenbrücke ("Wiener Null") - dafür hast Du 14 Tage Zeit.  

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  • Smartphone mount (300 meters uphill in 14 days)

    Collect 300 meters uphill within two weeks and get a "Finn smartphone mount" with a voucher for a city map of your choice in the "Bike Citizens App"

    This prize is made possible by Fahrrad Wien!

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  • € 5, - credit for cycling with Citybike Wien (200 meters uphill in 2 days)

    Save yourself a credit for cycling with Citybike Wien for - a trip into the nature - a swim - the weekend - or a beautiful afternoon - for yourself or to give away. Just cycle 200 meters uphill within 2 days to receive a € 5,- credit for Citybike Wien! 

    Fine print: This Citybike Credit can be redeemed on every Citybike Wien account. The credit applies to chargeable trips in the current calendar year. The total balance of an account may not exceed € 11,-. The voucher with the Citybike credit can only be redeemed once. No cash transfer possible. The voucher is valid for one year.


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  • Ticket to the Tiergarten Schönbrunn (600 meters uphill in 14 days)

    Cycle 600 meters uphill within 14 days and get your ticket to the Tiergarten Schönbrunn.

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  • Book "Wien mit dem Citybike entdecken" (200 meters uphill in 7 days)

    Cycle 200 meters uphill within 7 days and get your copy of the travel guide "Wien mit dem Citybike entdecken" ("discovering Vienna by Citybike" in German) published by metroverlag.

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  • Monster Hunt - City Games Vienna (350 meters uphill in 14 days)

    Take a look back at the history of Vienna 100 years ago, playfully experience the city from this past point of view, relieve the Viennese from their Grant and discover many monsters that were believed to be lost with the game Monster Hunt from City Games Vienna!

    You like outdoor exercise (that's obvious), but: do you like to play? 

    We challenge you so you can conquer Vienna from a slightly different perspective:
    Collect 350 altitude meters within 14 days and you will receive the game Monster Hunt from City Games Vienna of the monsters has to be carefully locked up for security and is therefore accessible only during office hours.

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