Citybike Wien

After almost 19 years in the service of environmentally friendly mobility in Vienna, operation of Citybike Wien was shut down on March 31.

On April 1 the following system WienMobil Rad started.

Citybike Entlehnung

After registering, you could rent a bike at any Citybike station in Vienna. Around the clock, the whole year.

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Citybike Rückgabe

Returning a bike was easy: just insert your bike into an empty bikebox at any Citybike Wien station. The green light on the bikebox confirmed the successful return of the bike.

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All stations at a glance

All 120 stations at a glance can be found in the station list and on our station map

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Citybike Statistics

  • Mileage 2022186.171
  • Mileage today0
  • Currently rented0